Woodcut & Content Media Go Inside The Ivy

Published on: 22nd July 2015

Woodcut Media and Content Media have announced that they are co-producing an exclusive behind the scenes documentary of one of the world’s most eminent restaurants, The Ivy.

Directed by BAFTA award-winner Adrian Sibley and co-funded by Bob & Co, THE Ivy is a definitive documentary that follows the restaurant’s charismatic director Fernando Peire as he oversees its first major renovation in 25 years.

Gaining unprecedented access into every aspect of the extensive transformation; from the restaurant’s final weeks as The Ivy of old, through to the twists and turns leading up to its re-launch, as well as the first few weeks of its re-opening, this is the first time camera crews have been invited into the London-based establishment.

Through intimate interviews, viewers are also introduced to the team working at The Ivy, as well as an illustrious cast of its famous clientele, including Calvin Klein, Maggi Hambling, Ronald Harwood and Julian Fellowes, who speak candidly of their personal experiences inside the iconic restaurant.

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