Tim Corrie

Tim Corrie, Creative Director

Agency pioneer and BAFTA leader, Tim Corrie is the Creative Director of Bob & Co.

Tim Corrie started his career at Paramount Pictures and in 1971 was invited to join the agency Fraser and Dunlop Scripts to help it develop in the realms of film and television. He worked for the company – which became PFD – for more than thirty years and held the role of Co-Chairman.

In 2007, along with 80 colleagues, Tim left to found a new agency, United Agents, where he represented a large roster of clients including some of the finest writers, directors and producers in the country. Tim retired from United Agents in December 2013.

A long-time BAFTA member, he joined its Television Committee in 2005, became the Committee’s Deputy Chairman in 2008 and subsequently Deputy Chairman of the Academy in 2009. Tim became the 40th Chairman of BAFTA in 2010 – serving for 2 years through to June 2013.

During his time at BAFTA, Tim ushered in a new contract with BAFTA Los Angeles and New York; the Academy’s income topped £10 million for the first time; and a gala event held in Los Angeles to promote ‘Brits to Watch’ was hosted by the Academy’s President, The Duke of Cambridge and his wife The Duchess of Cambridge.

Tim Corrie joined Bob & Co Ltd in January 2014. He has been Chairman, Chair of the Bob & Co Investment Committee, and now Creative Director, overseeing the creative decisions at Bob & Co and its partner companies.