January, 2016:

Hetty Feather: from Strength to Strength (Going to USA)

Published on: 29th January 2016

2016 looks to be another amazing year for the theatre production of Hetty Feather (supported by Bob&Co and an investment of the Cultural Capital Fund). Building on it’s amazing run throughout 2015, culminating in an Olivier Award Nomination for Best Family and Entertainment. Now Hetty goes to the US. The show, currently touring the UK, […]

Film, TV & Theatre represent £16.2bn to the UK

Published on: 26th January 2016

As Google have been celebrating, today is the anniversary of the invention of the Television. On 26 January 1926 British engineer & inventor successfully demonstrated the first working television system. 90 years later the UK Government has announced that the screen sector is worth over £10.8bn to the UK economy (up 13.75% on the previous […]

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